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News and resources

The world-renowned publisher of intellectual property literature Walters Kluver from the Netherlands has published the second edition of the work "European SPCs Unravelled – A Practitioner’s Guide to SPC in Europe", edited by European patent attorneys Oswin Ridderbusch & Dr. Alexa von Uexkuell from Germany. 46 authors from 36 countries have been represented in thесе work prepared for two years, among them three experts from Berin IP Agency (Vancho Damjanski, Irena Petkoska and Gjorgji Filipov). The book was published in August 2021, on 1028 pages, 34 chapters and five annexes with a table of court cases. North Macedonia is in chapter 25 from page 647 to page 661.
On May 25, 2021, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) issued the Interim Measures for the Processing of Related Examination Businesses Regarding the Implementation of the Revised Patent Law. As the amended patent law has come into effect on June 1, 2021 and the implementation rules are still being revised, CNIPA issued these Interim Measures that have been effective since June 1, 2021. The Interim Measures cover design patent term, partial design examination, patent term adjustment, patent term extension, and other areas. The Interim Measures do not cover patent linkage.
The 90th meeting of the Council of the European Patent Institute (EPI) took place on 8 May 2021 by video conference, which was attended by a total of 160 members, including three representatives from MK: prof. Dr. Gjorgji Filipov, B.Sc. eng. Bogoljub Ilievski (as permanent members and Marija Kjoseska, M.Sc., as a substitute member of the Council). During the meeting, the members of the Council elected a new Secretary General, Ms. Olga SIRAKOVA (BG), in place of Mr. Cornelis Mulder (NL), resigned in January 2021.
Industrial property means the ownership of patent rights, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical names. For similar reasons, to guarantee copyrights in different countries in 1886. The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was concluded. These include works in the field of literature, science, works of painters, performers, phonograms, shows ... Works that belong to industrial property and copyright and related works are collectively called intellectual property.