North Macedonia (MK)

North Macedonia (MK)

Country data:



Area:  km²

GDP: $ (GDP per capita, PPP. World Bank )


Registration infrastructure:

IP law infrastructure:

Paris Convention, PCT, Madrid Agreement, Nice Agreement, Berne Convention (Copyright), Locarno Agreement (Industrial designs), GATT/WTO, Hague Agreement (Industrial Designs), EPC, Rome Convention, Strasbourg Agreement, Budapest Treaty and CT, Madrid Protocol, Lisbon Agreement, PLT, UPOV Convention, Vienna Agreement, Brussels Convention, Singapore Treaty, Phonograms Convention, Договор , TRIPS

Official Administrative body:

Republic of North Macedonia-State Office of Industrial Property( Државен Завод за Индустриска Сопственост на Република Северна Македонија)

Official website:


Registration procedure



Extension of a European Patent - requirements

  • Macedonia must be specified as the extension state
  • Name and address of the Applicant
  • Application date and number of the European Patent Application
  • Registration date and number of the European Patent Application
  • Translation of the Patent Claims into Macedonian - can be submitted within 3 months from the date of publication of the granting of the European Patent
  • Power of Attorney signed by the Applicant (date, name, family name, position, facsimile or seal - if the applicant is a company) – can be submitted subsequently, within one month from the Application date