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Area:  km²

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Registration infrastructure:

Registration procedure


Filing the Application – Requirements

1. Applicant’s name and address
2. One representation of the mark (in color if claimed)
3. List of goods/ services according to the Nice classification.
One application is to be filed for each international class
4. Signed and sealed Power of Attorney, no notarization
5. Priority Certificate and priority data (if priority is claimed)



Filing the Application – Requirements

  • Name and address of the Applicant
  • Name and address of the author or a declaration that the author chooses not to be mentioned in the application
  • Information regarding the number of external shapes the protection is requested for
  • Full and short title of the industrial design
  • A two-dimensional presentation of the shape for which protection is sought (photograph or a graphic presentation of for which product the protection is requested)
  • Description
  • Legal basis for filing the Application (if the Author of the Design is not the Applicant)
  • Power of Attorney simply signed by the Applicant's representative