Being a company that is a blend of experience and actuality of global knowledge in the field of intellectual property, leaders in creation of high quality services performed diligently and professionally resulting in satisfaction of our customers and recognition in the region and beyond.


Continuous meeting the demands of our customers and exceeding their expectations in line with relevant national and international standards and regulations for safety and quality of delivered services, commitments for long-term growth, profitability and high quality work that produces benefits for our employees and business partners.


• Focus towards the customer
• Focus on quality
• Approach of the process
• Continuous improvement
• Focus towards the employees
• Partnering with professionals
• Responsibility for overall development




News and resources

Within the framework of the educational program of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Patent Academy, the publication presents the conditions for forced licensing in all legislation that are part of the European Patent Organization.
Dipl. Eng. Vanco Damjanski, European and Macedonian patent attorney, executive director of the Agency for Intellectual Property "Berin" and dipl. eng. Bogoljub Ilievski, Director of the Patent Department, participated at the European Conference and at the Industrial Property Fair "IP SERVICE WORLD 2018"
Ms. Maria Kjoseska, MSc, European patent attorney, Ambassador Prof. Dr. Gjorgji Filipov, European patent attorney and Liljana Filipova, dipl. Eng,, European patent attorney participated in the work of the 85th Council of European Patent Attorneys, which was held in Helsinki from 9-11. November 2018.
Evgenia Divitarova from SOTU "Gorgi Naumov" from Bitola for the invention "CNC Laser Engraving Machine" (MAKINOVA) and Nada Bakalovska from OSO "Aco Ruskovski" from Berovo for the invention "Cream against burned skin" (ECONOVA) are winners of the traditional money -awards with diplomas (Gold Medals for Youth Creativity), awarded by the Agency for Intellectual Property "Berin".